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MAY 11-14, 2014 MALAGA SPAIN
"Cellular Oncology"
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ISCO2014 - Cancer Genome: From Structure to Function

The organizers of ISCO2014 have the honour to welcome you to Malaga, At this joint bi-yearly meeting we will again serve you with quality scientific content combined with a relaxed atmosphere. 

Over the last few years new sequencing technologies have enabled us to examine cancer genomes in ever-greater detail. In addition to structural changes in the genome (translocations, deletions, amplifications) there are frequent mutations in the most important regulatory genes and surprisingly a large number of epigenetic factors. The challenge for researchers now is to relate structural changes in cancer genomes to the underlying disease mechanisms and reveal new opportunities to develop therapies. The ISCO2014 conference in Malaga will bring together researchers and clinicians in the field of cancer genetics, functional genomics, genome stability, epigenomics, biomarkers and diagnostics to discuss the latest research. Many short talks will be selected from abstracts making this an exciting and dynamic meeting and there will be a one-day technology symposia discussing the latest advances in sequencing technologies. 

We expect around 200 delegates from Europe and beyond in the fields of Oncology, Pathology, Bioinformatics and (Cyto-)Genetics of solid malignancies and heamotological cancers.

We hope you can join us!

Juan,  Bauke and Nick. 

Juan C. Cigudosa, CNIO, Madrid, Spain

Nick Gilbert, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Bauke Ylstra, VU University Medical Center (VUMC), The Netherlands

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